Volunteering with CTHM is a great way to learn more about mushroom cultivation and to see the farm at work. There are opportunities through most of the year, including volunteering to help out with winter/spring log inoculations, a paid internship helping with inoculations and other winter/spring work, and summer/fall volunteer work.  Here are the details for the volunteer opportunities:

We are now looking for summer interns and volunteers!

Summer internships are a great opportunity to learn a lot about mushroom cultivation, and what we do specifically at CTHM.  I ask that you work at least 10 hours per week, and I’m committed to giving you a diverse experience!  We can also use help from volunteers who can only help for a day or two, especially with big projects!  If you’re interested in helping out at CTHM, please contact me at cherrytreehousemushrooms@gmail.com

Here is some of the work that we do during the summer:

fruiting logs (moving logs and force-fruiting them, setting them up for fruiting, harvesting mushrooms)

maintaining the log stack environment (setting up shade fabric, weeding, trimming, and mowing weeds and grass)

setting up new farm infrastructure (spring construction of shiitake fruiting house, log-resting frames, and shade structure)

packaging mushrooms and mushroom products (sorting mushrooms, packaging dried mushrooms and preparing/packaging mushroom products)

mushroom and product sales (farmers market, wholesale sales)

marketing work (sharing with folks what we do, and organizing CTHM events)


Contact Farmer Jeremy McAdams at 612-205-8599 or fill out the form below:

Cherry Tree House Mushrooms LLC, 827 15th St., Clayton, WI, 54004



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