A new way to move logs!

Each week during the summer we move nearly 1,000 logs into our “fruiting house,” and another 1,000 out again.  For several years we’ve been moving the logs in through the side vents – full length vents that open all along the length with a short wall to step over, as well as ropes, diagonal braces, and other obstacles!

We hope to build an alternative –  a track along the middle of our fruiting house, with platform “trolleys” that roll along it’s length with full log racks.  Racks could be rolled right to where they need to be with no obstacles between the racks and the supports that they rest on while growing mushrooms.

A track system would also be great for the several months in the winter when we inoculate mushroom logs in our fruiting house. We drill and and inoculate up to 500 a week, and this year we hope to inoculate nearly 5000.  For several years we’ve been using a small cart to move 5 logs at a time to our inoculation area, and then back again, up to 140 feet away.  We think this track system would just as easily move 40 logs at a time!