Summer volunteering

erecting the shade structure

Volunteering with CTHM is a great way to learn more about mushroom cultivation and to see the farm at work. There are opportunities through most of the year, including volunteering to help out with winter/spring log inoculations, a paid internship helping with inoculations and other work, and summer/fall volunteer work.  Here are the details for the volunteer opportunities:

We are now looking for volunteers to help out the next few weeks between mid June and mid July 2014

We can even use help from volunteers who can only help for a morning, especially with big projects!  If you’re interested in volunteering at CTHM, please contact Jeremy at

Here is some of the work that we do during in the next few weeks!

Most of our work will be setting up new farm infrastructure including construction of our new shiitake fruiting house, log-resting frames, and shade structure.  We also need to move logs as we re-organize the farm around our new structures.

And the farm never sleeps, so we still need to fruit logs  – which includes moving logs and force-fruiting them, setting them up for fruiting, and harvest pounds and pounds of beautiful mushrooms!

Where is the new farm?

We moved our farm late last year, and we are now in Ham Lake with a lot of other industrious and inventive farmers growing vegetables, dye plants, hops, barley, buckwheat, and raising rabbits.  Once you have arranged with us a good time to volunteer, locate us on a google map and come out yourself, or we may be able to work out a carpool to get you there.




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