Oyster log kit instructions

We offer several varieties of oyster log kits, though we don’t always have more than the gray oyster.
Each has a different color mushrooms, but also often different times that they grow!
Gray Oyster: have a gray, blue, or beige color, and will grow mushrooms (fruit) in the late summer and fall, and sometimes in the spring.
Polar White Oyster: will have a white color, and will grow mushrooms (fruit) in the late summer and fall, and sometimes in the spring.
Summer White Oyster: will have a vanilla color, and will grow mushrooms (fruit) in the summer.
Golden Oyster: will have a yellow color, and will grow mushrooms (fruit) in the summer.

The log should fruit for two to four years.
These kits may not be very productive right away, but we hope you’ll be patient and not give it up to your firewood pile if you don’t get any results in the first year!

Where to keep your log kit
Outdoors – we recommend that you keep your log kit outdoors in the summer.
A shady spot – at least 80% shade.
Somewhat protected from wind, but with a little room around it.
Stand it up close to the ground but with a log end down on some bricks or wood – to protect fruiting mushrooms from being splashed with mud.

Winter Care
Place your log in an unheated garage or shed when temperatures start to fall below freezing.
There’s no need to cover your log.
Bring it outside again when temperatures rise again above freezing.

Watering your log kit
Watering isn’t necessary. Log will fruit mushrooms spontaneously in the late summer and fall, and perhaps the spring.
Still, log kits are much more productive if they receive an hour of rain, sprinkling, or soaking per week – during their growing season (see above).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this mushroom log kit ready for fruiting?
Yes, it has started to grow mushrooms, and should continue to do so for a few years in the fall if it has gotten sufficient watering.

Can I keep the log in my basement?
We don’t recommend it; mushroom logs perform better outside.

Do mushrooms fruit in the winter?
No, the gray oyster will not fruit in cold temperatures, or even temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Will squirrels, deer, or rabbits eat the mushrooms?
Yes, they will; we recommend placing a wire mesh cage around your log.

Do bugs or slugs like mushrooms?
Yes, they do; you may want to remove or kill slugs. A “oyster” bettle of the Coleoptera order especially like oysters.
They lay eggs in the base of the stem, which hatch into larvae.
They will eat into the mushroom if given the chance. Harvest mushrooms early to minimize damage, and note that they are not dangerous to eat!

My log smells moldy, or it has white or blue/green stuff growing on it. Should I do something about it?
Yes, you should put it in a more open place – so that the log gets a chance to dry off – inhibiting mold. If the white stuff is close to the ground and smells mushroomy, it’s probably mushroom mycelium!

When should I harvest oyster mushrooms?
You should harvest the clusters when caps are concave underneath.
The mushrooms should be firm and slightly paler than they were when they first started to grow.

How do I know that the mushrooms growing on the log are oyster?
Compare with some store-bought oysters.
If you still aren’t sure, ask an experienced mushroom grower or mycologist for help.