Meet the Farmers

Northwood Mushrooms is owned and run by Jeremy and Aimee McAdams. We started our first logs in our side yard in Minneapolis in 2009. Aimee has an off-farm job to support the farm and Jeremy works full time on the farm. We have numerous employees each year to help with inoculations, harvesting mushrooms, packing mushrooms for stores, and running the farmers market booth.

Our mushrooms are log-grown, meaning that we inoculate freshly cut logs with mushroom mycelium, and then incubate them for several months.  After that, we harvest, pack, and deliver the mushrooms to folks in the upper Midwest who like tasty and healthy mushrooms that they can feel good about. 

Why do we use logs?  There are many ways that mushrooms grow, from button (agaricus) mushrooms on compost to shiitake on logs to morels, which grow on woody soil.  We use logs to grow mushrooms since we have fairly abundant sources of trees in the upper Midwest, logs produce high quality mushrooms, and because they don’t require the high input of energy required in many mushroom operations to sterilize compost, straw, or the other products used to cultivate mushrooms.  With fuel resources becoming more and more scarce, I believe mushroom cultivation like this or foraging are the most sustainable.  See more about our mission to do no harm.

Northwood Mushrooms sells its high quality shiitake and other culinary and medicinal mushrooms through Twin Cities groceries, restaurants, farmers markets, and through several CSAs.  Usually in the spring Jeremy gives mushroom cultivation workshops, whose dates are published on the calendar.  You can also take a look at the mushroom cultivation page, which gives some pointers on cultivation for the beginner.

Thanks for your interest in high quality organic mushrooms!