Kickstarter – shiitake fruiting house

In April 2014 CTHM ran a SUCCESSFUL Kickstarter campaign to Locafy our Fungi! We raised $20,595 to build a shiitake fruiting house.

fruiting house sketch with color

Why a shiitake fruiting house? Just like wild mushrooms need a sheltered area in the woods to grow, high-quality shiitake require a protected space to thrive. In the past we’ve used small canopy tents to do this, but we can’t just keep adding tents as we expand. The shiitake fruiting house will allow us to grow the farm – and provide more local log-grown shiitake to the Twin Cities.

fruiting house progress7

More pictures will follow when we get some mushroom logs in there, but in the meantime we’d like to thank the 243 people who made this happen!

Richard Fuller
Brooke Dierkhising Jason Holtz
Pat Thomas & Dan Waseen
David Thomas and Diane Steigerwald
Barb Ludack
Leslie Ostrander
Mississippi Mushrooms
Jane Shey
Anne Holzinger
Mari & Aaron
Dave Okar
Brian Ng
Kelley Vanda
Jon West
Pamela Martin
Shane & Marianne Rowse
Michael Nguyen
Mary Catherwood
Nancy Fulton
Crystal Leaman
Ron Spinosa
Jim Lovestar
Woody and Jonathan Dresner
Macha and John Greenleaf-Maple
Kathleen Herndon
Erika Peterson and Dan Trewartha
Marshall Paulsen
Jason Manthey
John Skinner
Cynthia Lapp
The Kickstarter Team
A.M. Hillis
Shirley Scritchfield
Jill and Christian VanderZiel
Michael Pursell
Nina E.
The Freedman Family
Claire Wilson
Becky Timm
Courtney Tchida
Robert Barbeau
Anne Baker
Brenda Froisland & Mary Chilvers
Terry M
Laughing Waters Studio
Penn Valley Monthly Meeting
Robin Buchholz, Laurie Leedy
Aaron Reser
Tom Arneson
Andy Wade
Nichole Goodwell
Food Freedom Radio
Trinity Muller
Christina Muhr
K. Breshears
Julie & David P.
Bossy Acres
Ann Stever
Marjorie Hakala
For the Love of Dandelions
Marilyn R. Johnson
Michael and Regula Russelle
Ted Klyce
MN agriculture supporter
Joel Hodroff
Christine & Tom Sine
Kari D.
Dan Freese
Brian Sandri
Kari Johnson
Juli and Jason Montgomery-Riess
Seth Erling
Linda Small
The Schwesnedls
Rebecca and Scott Cramer
Fred Finch
Brenda Latvala Pfahnl
Amanda Olson
Judith Weir
Aggie Hoeger
Matt Skluzacek
Grant H
Susan Clymer and Laula Ashley
Carolyn Carr and Jonathan Sellman
Jim and Susan
Pam Heggie
Dr. Mark Held
Heidi Bremer
Brian Noy
Natalie benson
Judy Gibson
Skerbikonja Collective
The Beez Kneez, LLC
Gretchen Musicant
Ann Silver
Susan S
Mary R
Mette Nielsen
Liz Anderson
A. Henry
Spencer Linwood Gerowe
Masami Kawazato
Kari and Shigeru
Marina & David Schlesinger
The Wurdocks
Erin Rupp
Scott Moore
Sarah Matanah
Karl and Liz Seume
Paula Westmoreland
Worker B
Robin Garwood
Krista Leraas
Paul Nordland
Jess Fleming
Sue Johnson
Mary Jane Heinen
Laura Frerichs & Adam Cullip
Katie Burgin
Leslie MacKenzie & Peter Foster
Kari Merritt
Steph H.
Eric Larsen
Kristen Vieson
Susie and Hal Goldstein
Paul Brazelton
Nancie Hamlett
Elizabeth Belz
Joe Kester
Virginia Herberholz
Anne & Steve Jennen
Nyholm Family
True Cost Farm
Brian Wu
Chase Run Stable
Barb Gasterland
David Knodel
Karen Graham
Jade & Kayla Walker
Emily Tritabaugh
An Olmscheid
Ryan Tetzloff
Crows Nest Design-Josh Capistrant
Nichole Simmons
Sarah Halvorson-Fried






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