Dehydrator Upgrade Update

For many years we have offered dried mushrooms at the Farmers Market, CSA, and now grocery co-ops.  We used dehydrators like anyone might have at home, though dedicated to mushrooms only (no beef jerky projects!).  Last year we started using the dehydrators at our commercial kitchen, since they are far superior, and are required for that kind of  indirect sales.  Thanks to Mill City Farmers Market, specifically through the Next Stage Grant, we now have two commercial-grade dehydrators!

Our new dehdrators in action, just finishing up nearly a lb. of dried organic log-grown shiitake!

The new dehydrators have improved the quality of our mushrooms since they operate with far more consistent temperature and air movement.  They are also drying mushrooms in about half the time, which means that we’ve just doubled our drying capacity!  We’ve taken the opportunity to dry more shiitake, oyster, nameko, and now chestnut mushrooms, the last of which should show up soon in our “Umami Mushroom Blend” at Farmers Market and grocery stores!  We also expect to start selling larger bags of dried shiitake seconds – for those who want dried shiitake to become more of a kitchen staple but at a lower price than our most pristine shiitake.

Thanks again Mill City Farmers Market and others who are making the Next Stage Grant possible!