A new way to inoculate logs

We’ve been awarded a Lakewinds Organic Field Grant, and we’ve just started using the tool that was financed by the grant!

The tool is a Japanese-made pneumatic inoculating machine that we think will revolutionize how we do log inoculations.  It’s an enormous task we have each winter – to inoculate all the logs that we grow mushrooms from in the summer.  I won’t go into it much here, since we detail how it’s done elsewhere on our site, but here is a summary of the scale of the task:

  • 4300 mushroom logs (2019 target)
  • 50 to 150 holes per log
  • That means we need to drill and fill over 400,000 holes!
  • With our hand inoculator tools, we can do only about 8 to 10 logs per hour.

Here’s a video showing how we inoculate with the hand tool, after the holes are drilled:


Here is a video of the Pegasus pneumatic inoculator tool – on the second day of use.  We inoculated 75 logs over a 6 hour period – even though we’re just learning how to use the tool and troubleshoot problems!


We only have a month and a half to inoculate 3000 logs, but I believe we can do it, and with less risk of repetitive injury on Cyle and future workers than our hand tools.