What is Northwood Mushrooms?

From the forests of northern Wisconsin, Northwood Mushrooms grows organic shiitake and other specialty mushrooms.  Northwood mushrooms are log-grown, meaning that we inoculate freshly cut logs with mushroom mycelium, and then incubate them for several months.  After that, we harvest, pack, and deliver the mushrooms to folks in the upper midwest who like tasty and healthy mushrooms that they can feel good about.  After all, our mushrooms are certified organic, and grown the old fashioned way – on logs!

Why do we use logs?  There are many ways that mushrooms grow, from button (agaricus) mushrooms on compost to shiitake on logs to morels, which grow on woody soil.  I use logs to grow mushrooms since we have fairly abundant sources of trees in the upper Midwest, logs produce high quality mushrooms, and because they don’t require the high input of energy required in many mushroom operations to sterilize compost, straw, or the other products used to cultivate mushrooms.  With fuel resources becoming more and more scarce, I believe mushroom cultivation like this or foraging are the most sustainable.  See more about my mission to do no harm.

Northwood Mushrooms sells its high quality shiitake and other culinary and medicinal mushrooms through Twin Cities groceries, restaurants, farmers markets, and through several CSAs.  Usually in the spring Jeremy gives mushroom cultivation workshops, whose dates are published on the calendar.  You can also take a look at the mushroom cultivation page, which gives some pointers on cultivation for the beginner.

Thanks for your interest in high quality organic mushrooms!

Jeremy McAdams
Northwood Mushrooms (formerly Cherry Tree House Mushrooms)


Contact Farmer Jeremy McAdams at 612-205-8599 or fill out the form below:

Cherry Tree House Mushrooms LLC, 827 15th Street, Clayton, WI 54004

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14 thoughts on “What is Northwood Mushrooms?

  1. Hi, I am stoked that you are doing your thing around here, and hope to take your class May 4th…
    I am starting a Pirate-themed cookie company to be based primarily in Minneapolis…who knows…a mushroom cookie is a possibility!


    • I would try adding powdered reishi mushrooms in a cookie, since they are such a healthful mushroom, and there is certainly precedent for reishi and chocolate together. I don’t have any growing yet, but I hope to have some by the fall.


      • I just made some reishi brownies with powdered reishi. You can’t really taste the reishi, but they have all the great benefits of the mushroom! I put it in hot cocoa too.


  2. Just received a log for Mother’s Day and soaked it with Plymouth city water from my hose which I assume is chlorinated. Does that mean it will NOT produce mushrooms?? I am excited to try this again. Did it a number of years ago at Eagle Bluff ELC in Lanesboro, MN area.


    • Chorinated water can inhibit mushroom growth, but I’ve successfully soaked and grown mushrooms in Minneapolis – which uses some chlorine in its water. I don’t know how Lanesboro water is different from Minneapolis’, but I’d say you have a fair chance. Good luck!


  3. Dear Mr. McAdams,

    My name is Tomonori Ebisawa from Japan. I have been living in the U.S. for over 20 years. Recently I watched a Japanese TV show inviting you to Japan. I’m quite impressed by your passion toward Shiitake mushrooms!! I have been looking for REAL Shiitake mushrooms grew on the real wooden logs!! My grandmother used to take me to her Shiitake farm and fed me the real Shiitake when I was a child. Your Shiitake mushrooms make me feel so nostalgic!!

    I just saw your dried Shiitake mushrooms. Impressive, Sir!! Do you sell only one size? I’m wondering if you are selling a larger size? If so, would you tell me the price for a larger bag?

    It’s getting much cooler here in Florida. I miss any Japanese Nabemono dinner with Shiitake!!

    Tomonori Ebisawa


    • Thanks so much for your comment and question. We do sell dried mushrooms in larger packages, but in general we don’t ship orders. I’ll let you know if we change that policy, or if we can make an exception. At this point our price is $5 per ounce – for pickup at the farmers market. best, Jeremy


      • Thank you very much!! That’s truly awesome!! If you are going to change your shipping policy, please let me know how to make a payment such as Credit card, PayPal or maybe Money Order? I have talked to my children about your REAL Shiitake mushrooms!! They are quite excited as I am. I am truly glad that you could visit Japan and met the legend of Shiitake in Ooita Prefecture.

        Tomonori Ebisawa


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