Mushroom Pate and Butter Flights

If you’ve had our pates and butters, you love them! They make great gifts and are also perfect for parties. We’re offering a few different sampler boxes for anyone who wants to stock up for the upcoming holidays. Our pates and butters freeze beautifully, so have no worries about needing to eat them up right away.

Northwoods Flight
All our varieties in one box to enjoy with friends, take to a party, give as gifts.
Contains 2 jars of each type: Morel Butter, Smoked Shiitake Butter, Morel Pate (dairy-free), Black Truffle (dairy-free), Smoked Shiitake Habanero Pate, and Porcini Pate
Half flight contains one of each

Vegan Flight
Love mushrooms but not dairy? Our vegan pates are a delicious addition to any party, or given as gifts this holiday season.
Contains 6 jars each of dairy-free Morel Pate and Black Truffle Pate
Half flight contains 3 jars each

Butter Lover’s Flight
For the butter lovers! Enjoy with winter squash or stirred into pasta, butter never tasted so good!
Contains 6 jars each of Morel Butter and Smoked Shiitake Butter
Half flight contains 3 of each

Party Flight
Just add crackers or baguette and you have a perfect addition to any party you attend (or throw) this holiday season!
3 jars each of Morel Pate, Smoked Shiitake Habanero Pate, Porcini Pate, Black Truffle Pate
Half flight contains 2 Morel Pate (dairy-free), 1 Smoked Shiitake Habanero Pate, 2 Porcini Pate, 1 Black Truffle Pate (dairy-free)

Each box comes with Tasting Notes

Full Flight – 1 dozen for $74
Half Flight – a half dozen for $38

These are only available for pickup at the Mill City Farmers Market on the following dates:
November 23rd
December 7th
December 14th

These can be purchased spur of the moment at the market or contact us ahead of time to make sure that we have what you want.

If you want to pre-order, send us an email with your name, the flight(s) and sizes (full or half) you want, and what date you’d like to pick up your order.

We make our mushroom pates and butters seasonally and then freeze them. Our flights come frozen so that you can thaw them just in time for your parties or gifts; they are best eaten within two or three weeks after thawing.








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